The northern part of the Costa Blanca is a recognized European resort. About 80% of all quality real estate here belongs to expats. Due to competitive real estate prices, many Europeans prefer to own their property (villa, house, or apartment, etc.)

What is the Costa Blanca famous for? The answer is very simple:

  • more than 300 sunny days a year,
  • the combination of mountains, sea and countryside creates a unique healthy microclimate, noted by WHA (World  Health Association), as beneficial for good health,
  • a large number of land and marine nature reserves,
  • the absence of heavy industry,
  • a good balance of leisure services, including golf, tennis, horse riding and yacht clubs
  • a high level of medical care and
  • the opportunity to receive quality education in international schools from one year of age.

According to statistics, a person resettled here as a permanent residence may increase his/her life expectancy by an average of 10 years, thanks to the healing climate, especially the Mediterranean diet, the friendliness and welcoming traditions of the local communities and the safe living environment.